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Be aware of potential threats and hazards in our community

Portrayal of recent acts of Terrorism and Human-Caused Disasters in the media can sometimes have a way of making us feel that public safety is a thing of the past. However, acts of Terror have been a persistent threat throughout history. Instead of fearing such events, prepare proactively by taking a CERT class or learning CPR. In doing so, you ensure that you will know how to respond and be able to assist your community in the event this kind of disaster occurs. 

Human-caused disasters occurr in a variety of forms, including explosions and use of fire-arms. Public spaces and buildings, as well as iconic institutions are traditionally the target in these cases. Other less-likely situations include biological or chemical attacks in which microbial agents or poisonous substances may be deliberately released. 

Forms of terrorism:

  • Biological Threats
  • Chemical Threats
  • Cyber Attack
  • Explosions
  • Radiological Dispersion Device

Ways to prepare for the event of a human-caused disaster include developing a communication plan with your loved ones and participating in a CERT training. For more information regarding these and other types of hazards, visit http://www.ready.gov/.

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