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Preparing for potential emergencies and disasters

Did you know that communities that work together are better equipped to endure and recover from a disaster? Emergency systems are traditionally overwhelmed during disasters and your neighbors and community groups can come together to provide assistance until help arrives. 


Your best chance for help may come from next door. Get to know the ones living around your home. “Really, at the end of the day, the people who will save you, and the people who will help you, they’re usually neighbors”Hurricane Katrina survivor


  • Get informed and be a part of your neighborhood or apartment complex emergency plan.
  • Don’t have one? Help create one! Organize your neighbors to have a better response to disasters.
  • Be aware and ready to help your neighbor with access and functional needs in case of an evacuation.
  • Be ready to provide a ride to those who don’t have a car in case of evacuation.


We enhance strategies and capabilities to develop strong relationships within the community, specifically between the local government and non-governmental and non-for-profit organizations. 


We define Public Education and Awareness as strategies and capabilities to help the general public become better prepared for a disaster.